Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My own personal posting policy at any mgtow fourms has inspired this recent posting and i will share my own personal posting policy.

1) Don't mix the topic of feminism and women.

2) Make it clear that you are talking about bad people that happen to be women or men.

3) Avoid using insults or shaming tactics

4) an outsiders perspective can help you learn.

5) Make it clear that you are agnostic about all people including women.

6) type or speak in gender neutral terms in the more extreme posts.

6) Mention when you are shocked by something said by someone within your own camp.

7) My criticism of feminism is always specific feminists or parts of feminism.

8) No flavor of feminism is above criticism including doritos cool ranch feminism.

10) Only impose these rules on yourself

11) Don't bother trying to explain yourself to, manboobz or anyone else because it's a waste of breath.

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