Thursday, 13 September 2012

What is an alpha exactly?

Is it attractiveness levels?

Many of the best looking men used artificial ways to get around the limits of biology to improve their physical appearance.

Is it leadership?

You will often come across alpha traits in different men and not all of them are attractive to women.

How about confidence?

Good looking men can be very insecure about themselves despite being popular with women.

Is it there sex life?

In the animal kingdom; Beta males were the second in command behind the alpha male.


I see the word alpha male as nothing more than code for attractive and when we get into leadership traits than the word becomes a mess.

Many good looking men are screamingly insecure

Many good looking men are followers rather than leaders

I would even say a lot of alpha males are actually alpha lames.


Until we have actual genetic studies than these stupid Pua words are nothing more than code words for physical attractiveness levels.



  1. Alpha males are nothing more than an unattainable ideal. Trying to become an alpha male is a bit like going to the North Pole to find out if there really is a pole stuck in the ice there.

    The irony is, if you really were an alpha male, would you want women fucking around with everything you've earned? I sure as hell wouldn't.

    To hear women tell it, the ideal man is a billionaire imbecile. It's female illogic.

  2. In my opinion, "alpha males" are a fairy tale promulgated by the PUA community to support their pseudoscientific explanations of male/female dynamics. Remember 1980s disco and Saturday Night Fever? John Travolta was definitely an alpha male, right?

    Wrong. He was white trailer trash. It's all a fairy tale.

  3. What is an "alpha male"?

    Shit women make up as an excuse to cheat on you...?

  4. I believe Alpha male is mostly used as a selling point for PUA lingo. It's unattainable, as all humans have flaws, and can never be truly alpha or perfect. It's much like the self-confidence books that sell esteem, yet that is a fleeting "emotion" or thing as you would call it. It continually sells product (the pua bootcamps/books) to unknowing men, since they chase after this unattainable "alpha" status in life.

    This isn't saying one shouldn't improve their own lives. By all means do so, but on your own terms and not only for women.

    If that makes sense? Short summary, it's a gimmick word for PUA's to sell books.