Monday, 3 September 2012

False rape accusation caught on video

I mirrored a video that i seen at the mens rights redidit.

here is a quote to place the video into context.

"What you see here is the last 3 minutes of a 15 minute fight. These three forced their way into my room and had me in the corner while Kathy Tretola spouted unsubstantiated accusations, yelling at me to hit her and hit me repeatedly in the arm, chest and neck. At no point did I touch her. Everything changed when I pulled out my camera. At the very beginning of the video you can see Cathy Tretola trying to grab the camera and hitting me. Then she turned into an actor and unsuccessfully tried to make it look like she was the victim. Notice how fake she is trying to act upset and notice how Joe Saccoach and the other guy are acting like they are consoling her. The police were called by me, and they did not believe a word of her story. I can't wait to have my day in court." - Video Poster (not me)

and the redidit link itself

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